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When it comes to investing in beauty products, every girl wants to see value in where her hard earned money is going. On average us women spend over $15,00 per year on vanity, yes that's right, we spend a quarter of a yearly wage per year on cosmetics and beauty products because we are creatures of beauty ritual. So when it comes to your coloured contact lenses, investing in Solotica Contact Lenses is the way to go and here is why; Solotica Lenses are the only lenses which come FDA approved. They undergo stringent health and safety testing making them...

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The Sale of the year is upon us once again.  Click Frenzy is a once a year sale that defies all of the savings gods and offers customers some pretty extraordinary bargains on products from some of the major retailers. Eyes of Solotica is proud to be part of this years Click Frenzy, we have created four amazing deals for customers of click frenzy to save. Included in this years Click Frenzy Sale, Eyes of Solotica has deals on our Solotica coloured contact lenses and on products from our Carbon Coco teeth whitening products and Lèvres Velour Lipsticks. Save the...

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When you look towards a business for a product you often ask yourself, "why this company, what is it they can offer me"? You have this initial expectation that is almost a hesitation in shopping online with someone you have never bought from before, and that is completely normal and something we are all guilty of. So, why Eyes of Solotica? why should you shop with Eyes of Solotica?! Well that's quite simple really, because we are the best. We are a small team of multicultural women, a dynamic mix of beauty queens, makeup slaves and tomboys. We are fearless, authentic...

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Halloween came and went with a massive Hollywood bang this year and if you haven't seen the controversial Kim Kardashian Aaliyah photos than we're sorry, but what rock do you reside under? Kim Kardashian absolutely has absolutely rocked the boat this year when she paid homage to the late R&B superstar Aaliyah. Halloween is traditionally the time of the year when people, in particularly celebrities like to push the boundaries and aim high for the best or most controversial costume. Mrs West has not just created controversy with this look, she has created an absolute shit storm. Us girls in...

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Tom Ford has just updated his previously released Lipstick collection "Lips and Boys" and what we can tell you is, they are absolutely epic!! The clutch-size collection which was originally created as an ode to each man who has played a pivotal role in Tom Ford's life has now expanded to over 100 colours in the range. This season Ford has added another 6 Boy shades to the collection. The 6 Boys include; Charles (cinnamon), Warren (brick red),  Connor (orangey red), Magnus (matte cherry red), Alain (deep shimmer red) and Federico (coral). The best however, was yet to come. Tom...

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