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Fenty Beauty; We are Having Some Serious Wild Thoughts

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Fenty Beauty; We are Having Some Serious Wild Thoughts

Everyone is having wild thoughts bout Fenty Beauty and us girls at Eyes of Solotica are no different.
We recently got our hands on some Fenty Beauty from a dear friend who pretty much sacrificed their life to hit the crowds and stock us up.
Our verdict...we are OBSESSED!!
We are a collective of women from many different ethnicities and nationalities here in the Solotica office. We all love our beauty as most women do, but we have always struggled to find makeup products that are a true reflection of our skin tones and the pure definition of flawless. 

A collective of us road-tested the PRO FILT'R foundation in various shades from the medium base of 240 right through to the deep base colour of 460.
The thing you will notice mostly about this foundation is just how lightweight and luminous it is. The coverage this foundation gives is better than a piece of bread with a lather of butter.  Not one blemish was noticeable and one of the girls was even able to cover her scar. Not once did any of us feel the foundation was too heavy or oily despite the fact that each of us has different skin types from dry to oily, we all had the same positive experience.
When Rihanna stated that " Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races" she not only has delivered a product that far exceeded the expectations of many, she has intuitively created a beauty revolution and allowed women from every walk of life to walk the same line and that my friends, is the definition of beauty.
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