Choosing Solotica, What You Need To Consider

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Choosing Solotica, What You Need To Consider

When it comes to Solotica, there is an abundance of online comparisons between the colours which can make choosing a colour for yourself hard.

Things you need to take into account when choosing Solotica coloured lenses are:

1. Your skin colour - the lenses will ALWAYS look different on YOU once you are wearing them, certain colours "pop" against certain skin tones.

2. The shape of your eye and it's natural limbal ring - if you are wanting a more "natural looking" lens than stick to the basics. If you have the outer limbal ring, the Natural range is best for you, if you do not have the outer limbal ring, Hidrocor is best suited. If you are wanting to hide the limbal ring of your natural eye, Hidrocor will do so when worn.

3. Lighting and makeup in photos online - what you see isn't always what you get when it comes to online images. Most bloggers wear a lot of makeup which once again, changes how the lenses look based on the features, textures and colours used in makeup techniques and their lighting will always make the lenses appear brighter than what they are.

4. Your hair Colour - sounds funny we know, but your hair colour is also a key player when to comes to the overall effect of the lenses

5. RESEARCH RESEARCH AND MORE RESEARCH - don't just buy the colour you love on a model or blogger without doing more research into the colour, sometimes the colours you love on others, do not always suit yourself. It's best to take your time, research the colours and if you need any help, contact us at:

Pictured Left to Right:
Solotica Hidrocor Ice, Hidrocor Quartzo (top), Natural Grafite (bottom)



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