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One Word: Beyonce.

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One Word: Beyonce.

When it comes to strong, empowered women, there aren't too many who can compete with the insatiable Beyonce.

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Iconic, influential and insanely talented are just a few words to describe a woman who has not only revolutionised but also pioneered a new wave in entertainment.

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Beyonce is a woman who is more honoured than envied, a woman who is more respected than enveloped in tabloid gossip. She is a woman on a mission for change and change of course is, inevitable.

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The women here at Eyes of Solotica are completely enamoured by Mrs Carter. On any given day, our office is filled with the empowered bass-lines and raw lyrics to her Lemonade album followed by a daily Instagram scroll through her charismatic social feed.

It seems that there is no stone to which Beyonce will leave unturned, no boundary that she cannot cross and then go on to re-defy. It seems that when it comes to life and women in general, Beyonce was right about one thing..."Girls, we run the world"

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