2 of The Hottest Trending Solotica Lenses You Need

Hidrocor Azul, Hidrocor Grafite, Solotica Lenses -

2 of The Hottest Trending Solotica Lenses You Need

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, that the depth of your eyes is a woman's most alluring feature.

Below are two of hottest trending Solotica Lenses right now.

Hidrocor Azul is the bluest of blues. It lightens your eyes and instantly creates a brightness to your face. A winged eyeliner highlights the vibrancy of Azul, emphasising the eyes in their most alluring state.

Eyes Of Solotica Hidrocor Azul (Blue)


Hidrocor Grafite is a combination of grey and blue. It instantly lifts the eyes and creates a bright, open looking eye. Hidrocor Grafite is best emphasised when paired with a full set of lashes and brown smokey eye.Eyes Of Solotica Hidrocor Grafite  


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